Black moss 发菜 or fà cài in Mandarin and “fot choy” in Cantonese, is a dried black moss that is found in the Gobi Desert, not seaweed, as many recipes and articles on the internet suggest. Li hing mui (Chinese: 旅行梅; Jyutping: leoi 5 hang 4 mui 4), known as huamei (Chinese: 话梅; pinyin: Huà méi) in Mainland China, is salty dried plum.It has a strong, distinctive flavor and is often said to be an acquired taste, as it has a combination of sweet, sour, and salty taste.It has also been described as tart and even tangy. Cantonese Chicken & Salted Fish Fried Rice, Mei Cai Kou Rou (Steamed Pork Belly w/ Preserved Mustard Greens), Dim Sum Sticky Rice Lotus Leaf Wraps w/ Chicken (Lo Mai Gai). - Some researchers say that Chen-pi could relieve bloating and other digestion problems such as gastric ulcer, abdominal distension, … Dried Lily Flowers (金針) This Chinese dried specialty ingredient is also referred to as “lily buds,” “golden needles” or 金針 jīn zhēn in Mandarin or “gum zhen” in Cantonese. WATERMELON CANTALOUPE COCONUT Coco-Melon pairs creamy, crunchy organic coconut smiles with soft, chewy, melt-in-your mouth slices of dried watermelon and cantaloupe for a snack that will blow your RIND! We have seen this brand below sold in China supermarkets and specialty stores. Wholesale Dried Fruit Dried Dates Dried Chinese Dried Fruit Snacks Snacks Red Dates Dried Dates for Sale . Chinese Hawthorn Fruit Tea,Nature Sun-Dried Berry Slices,Cut Form,Fragrance Citrus Fruit,Chinese Flora Herbal Tea Supplement,Shan Zha-100 4.0 out of 5 stars 46 $8.99 $ 8 . This Chinese dried specialty ingredient is also referred to as “lily buds,” “golden needles” or 金針 jīn zhēn in Mandarin or “gum zhen” in Cantonese. Cured salted duck 腊鸭 pronounced là yā in Mandarin and “lop opp” in Cantonese is also a favorite that was also made at home during fall and winter months, although not as often as the cured pork belly, since ducks cost more and the process takes a longer time. It is commonly used in Thailand for Pad Thai like in our Shrimp Pad Thai recipe but salted radish is also used in many Chinese dishes like Yunnan Rice Noodle soup , Savory Tang Yuan, Cantonese Cha Guo Savory Rice Cakes, and many others that we haven’t published yet. Lotus seeds or lotus nuts are the seeds of same plants that produce the lotus root. 3. It’s a … 2GO! Welcome to Wai Yee Hong Chinese Supermarket. No additive, no preservative Diced fruit, suitable for baking ingredients, and snacks for baby . Soak the mushrooms in the warm water for about 30 to 45 minutes, until softened. Jinhua ham is very similar to dry cured hams all over the world including Iberian and Parma hams that you can find commonly at your local deli counter. As for where you can buy these, many types and brands are available at Asian stores, and the quality and price vary greatly. All you really have to know is that it’s delicious, and that they come in these little packets at Chinese grocery stores. Hong Shao Kao Fu – Braised Gluten with Mushrooms. Get Latest Price Trade Assurance. No, they’re not really a thousand years old. Send Inquiry Chat Now. Kao fu (烤麸) is a spongy gluten that come dried but when rehydrated actually has the texture of a sponge. Like tofu, Kao Fu takes on the flavor of the sauce that it is cooked in and is a great vegetarian or vegan meat substitute. Buy Dried Fruit at, the leading online Chinese specialty store. $54.35 #44. Sui mi ya cai preserved vegetable is a special Sichuan ingredient used in our Dan Dan Noodles and Sichuan Dry Fried Green Beans. Salted fish, 咸鱼, pronounced xián yúi in Mandarin and “hom yee” in Cantonese, is a common ingredient in Southern China and Hong Kong cooking. Honestly, we do not know what kind if vegetables these are pre-preservation, but we guess it may be made from Xue Cai (雪菜). Terms of Use Shop for Chinese Style Cured Pork Strips (Chinese Bacon) [Pack of 3]. A favorite recipe using this fermented, salted fish is Cantonese Chicken & Salted Fish Fried Rice. Organic Dried Fruit Snacks. Havista Dried Premium Flower Shiitake Mushrooms, 6 Ounce. | Showroom Try this Mei Cai Kou Rou (Steamed Pork Belly w/ Preserved Mustard Greens) today! Place the dried mushrooms in a bowl with enough warm water to submerge them. When you’re ready to use them, squeeze the excess water out of the mushrooms, and then follow the directions in your recipe! 4. We are checking with other elders in the family on a recipe for how to cure it at home since our family used to cure a batch every winter. Any reasonable well-stocked Chinese grocery store stocks this item but they can also be purchased online (although at premium prices). Wakame grows much thinner and has a more delicate taste and is delicious in soups. They should be completely soft to the touch. Lily buds have a slight fruity, floral scent and are used in a variety of traditional Chinese dishes. Dried Mini Fish Why You Should Try It: As unappetizing as it may look, these extremely salty mini fish perfectly complement blander foods like rice, porridge, or bread. Love Snacks. We don’t use these that often, but we’re experimenting with some recipes, so stay tuned! Soy Sauce Butter Pasta with Shrimp and Shiitakes. We’re Bill, Judy, Sarah, and Kaitlin– a family of four cooks sharing our home-cooked and restaurant-style recipes. Olive pits are sometimes found in this ingredient so be sure to pick them out before use. The vegetable used to make this tasty ingredient is not a preserved vegetable like Chinese preserved mustard greens, but is stir-fried with boiled green olives with plenty of oil and a few choice spices until everything is wilted. 2020 Chinese Health Snack Dried Lemon Peel Fruit Herbal Tea, Find details about China Dried Fruit, Dried Lemon Peel from 2020 Chinese Health Snack Dried Lemon Peel Fruit Herbal Tea - … One other fun fact is that the literal translation of fat choy is hair vegetable and you know why when you see it – hair vegetable, yep, for real. If you’re looking for more information on other Chinese Ingredients, go to our main Chinese Ingredients Glossary page to review the different categories and easily find what you’re looking for. Jinhua ham or Jīn huá hu tui in Mandarin and “gum wah foh tui” in Cantonese, is a type of Chinese dry-cured ham named after the city of Jinhua, Zhejiang province in eastern China. Some other interesting fruits: Star fruit with plum flavor, honey sweet potatoes, licorice lemons with mint, plum guava, dried tomatoes, pretty chili colored honey mango, green sweet and sour mango, rose arbutus, mulberries, hawthorne, The fire truck red spicy olive tasted nothing like an olive. Chinese people also love to use these cloud ears for sweet syrupy desserts that you’ll sometimes see at authentic Chinese restaurants specializing in Cantonese food, or perhaps at a Chinese wedding banquet. They’re also very healthy–think of them as China’s answer to the acai berry craze. Look for them hanging from cotton twine in the Chinese grocery or vacuum-packed in the refrigerated section. 24 hour warehouse. Yu Zhu (玉竹), also pronounced in Cantonese as “yook jook” is only found in dried form in grocery stores and is a common dried ingredient used in Cantonese tonics and soups. You can ask which fish used in salted fish fried rice. When they are dried, the look much smaller than the wood ears in the photo above. You can’t go wrong. It was a good gamble because it tastes pretty authentic! People serve congee with salted fish steamed with ginger, scallion and some wine or pan fried until crisp and aromatic. Order : 1 Kilogram TTN Hot Sale Dried Fruit Snack Chinese Dried Pear . There’s also Steamed Pork with Salted Fish (咸鱼蒸肉饼), a family favorite that we’ve been eating in Chinatown’s best Cantonese restaurants for years. ), and, consequently, they also need to be soaked in cold water before cooking. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy Most of which, I believe, she makes herself.Old fashioned, homemade hong kong candy!! Wood ears or more specifically, black wood ears 黑木耳, pronounced hēi mù’ěr in Mandarin, is a dark and firm kind of mushroom with a very interesting consistency that’s quite different from your run-of-the-mill mushroom. Beyond Ocean Provide Best Quality Dried Fruit Snack - Dried Mango. Dried Sausage, Meat & Skin. 5. Haven't found the right supplier yet ? Flickr: asiansupper. If you are eating goji berries straight, it’s better to use an organic or natural brand as the variety you find in the Asian store usually are of lower quality, since the company knows they are destined for cooking and soups. Time and again, my worldwide web pursuits for solid recipes that I know my family will eat has landed me back here.”. When dried, it becomes a deep, brownish red and its sweetness intensifies. Eat the food as soon as possible after opening, to avoid moisture. Subscribe for the latest updates on new recipes, and get started with our family's Top 25 Recipe eBook! Pick up a pack of sui mi ya cai today make your own homemade restaurant style dry fried green beans at home! It was an important snack at that time. There also is another variety of wood ears call “cloud ears” and pronounced in Cantonese, “wun yee”. Why … Factory direct sales Chinese green tea Plum. Dried Conch is an ingredient that is also used on soups and Cantonese tonics and is not a very well known ingredient. Tianjin preserved vegetables are made from a smaller variety of napa cabbage that ois sometimes referred to as Tianjin cabbage. During our time in Beijing, we discovered the great seasonal practice of drying mushrooms at home. These pickled/salted mustard greens are commonly used in stir fried dishes like squid with pickled vegetable or stir fried chicken on the bone with pickled vegetables over rice, both of which are favorites of some family members. Chinese liver sausages are traditionally made with duck liver, and they have a rich taste due to the high fat content of the duck liver. | It can be hard to tell the difference sometimes but if you purchase what looks like black wood ear fungus and they are smaller and more delicate, then you may just have purchased black cloud ear mushrooms. They add a wonderful fragrance to dishes and keep foods moist during the cooking process. Bulkbuy Healthy Dried Fruit Snack Chinese Dried Apple Ring price comparison, get China Healthy Dried Fruit Snack Chinese Dried Apple Ring price comparison from Dried FUJI Apple,Dehydrated Quingang Apple manufacturers & suppliers on Video Channel of . Goji berries 枸杞 or pronounced gōu qǐ in Mandarin and “gao gay” in Cantonese, have gained super food status in recent years, but we’ve been using them for years and years to augment healthy chicken soups. The dried variety requires soaking time but keeps much longer than the fresh hydrated variety that is also found in some Asian grocery stores. Pick up the fish and give it a good pinch on various parts of the body. We say just give us a couple a soy sauce packets–no problem! In Chinese cooking, dried mushrooms are favored over fresh, as the drying process really enhances their flavor, similar to dried vs. fresh herbs. Fiber, vitamins and micro-nutrients in every heavenly bite...Coco-Melon is the new snack of summer! Clkick on the photo below to see how these salted duck eggs are use to make Cantonese Joong. Fruit Snack . You can see from the photo that the Chinese characters say 酸菜 心 (Suān cài xīn) which translates literally to “sour vegetable hearts”. | They can be found in the same aisle where the dried mushrooms and wood ears are located. These are preserved duck eggs, which have a dark brown appearance and a grayish yolk. Of course, you may ask, why use Chinese long beans for pickling? They go well with egg dishes like Steamed Egg, summer squash dishes like Zucchini Pancakes, and clear broth soups like my Easy Fish Tofu Soup. Haw Flakes. And – Stay tuned! Product Image. in Mandarin. When dried, it becomes a deep, brownish red and its sweetness intensifies. It’s used in soups and stir-fries and has a crunchy yet silky texture. Dried Food & Baking. That same platform was found masquerading as both a river monitoring app and an alarm clock app. A wide variety of chinese dried fruit options are available to you, such as fd, ad, and vf. All rights reserved. Chinese Style Sausage (Lap Xuong Thuong Hang) – 14oz [Pack of 3]. Nowadays, you can find cured ducks in nice, neat vacuum packed form and in quartered pieces so you can buy smaller pieces, or at least keep quartered pieces individually fresh for several meals. 95% of moisture removed, low temperature dehydration, perfect healthy food. The dish is actually a classic Hakka recipe, but you can find the mustard greens everywhere in China and in the majority of well-stocked Chinese grocery stores. Add cranberries and raisins. Site: International - Español - Português - Deutsch - Français - Italiano - हिंदी - Pусский - 한국어 - 日本語 - اللغة العربية - ภาษาไทย - Türk - Nederlands - tiếng Việt - Indonesian - עברית, AliExpress The third edition of the CIIE started on schedule on Thursday in China's Shanghai, amid the global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. These cloud ears are smaller, thinner and more delicate. | $2.50 - $2.80 . In case you’re training yourself to blend in at the dinner table with your Chinese significant other, eating one or two of these will give you major brownie points with the in-laws! More soaking time may be needed depending upon the size of the mushrooms and how long they have been dried. FOB Price: $1.67 - $1.82 / Bag Min. You can see from the photos that the  color of hai dai kelp seaweed varies from brown to green color. The most common favorite is probably the Chinese sausage, but we like a good pork belly, and occasionally dried duck. This is one of those ingredients you are at a loss for what to do with it without a recipe. There are also versions that are made with mustard roots which are more common. $46.99 #45. Order: 4000 Bags . The stems are great for soups so don’t throw them away. 4. Dried longan or guì yuán ròu in Mandarin, (桂圆肉) is used as a herbal medicine for Cantonese soups and tonics and provides just a touch of sweetness. We recently found this vacuum packed threadfish, pictured below, and when I asked the store clerk, he said it was different from Cantonese fermented salt-cured fish but is a very good copycat from Vietnam; so I took a chance and bought some. The southern variety of Chinese sausage have other variations in spelling like “Lap Cheong” or “Lap Chong” (腊肠). The mushrooms really add body and meatiness to vegetarian and vegan dishes like Braised Tofu with Vegetables. Last but definitely not least, just ask a store clerk – better to find one who speaks English (and maybe is a bit older than some whippersnapper restocking the shelves). Dried Fruit, Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Seed Kernels manufacturer / supplier in China, offering New Crop Dehydrated Dates Honey Dates Factory Low Price Dried Dates, Dried Kiwi Pulp Dehydrated Kiwi Sliced Kiwi New Crop Dry Kiwi, 2020 New Crop Walnut 185 Walnut 32mm Xinjiang Walnut in Shell and so on. 14 oz Orchard Sausages Uncooked Chinese Style Sausages Made with Duck Liver (One Bag). These days, you can find the fresh varieties for sale in the US Chinese and Asian markets – See our Asian Vegetables page for more information and pictures. 5. : 006 Main Content BLUEBERRY Ingredients BLUEBERRY Food Additive No add Age both the young and the old Feature Delay memory loss protect against heart disease Flavor sweet taste Others Detailed Images Blueberries are rich in vitamin C, have enhanced heart function, prevent cancer and heart disease effect, can prevent brain aging, promote mental, common cold, sore throat and diarrhea also have some improvement Packing & Delivery Packing Detail Packing according to purchase weight Carton Size According to the number of purchase custom size Shelf Time 24 months or more Delivery Time 7 -15 days after payment of deposite Payment Term T/T, L/C, West Union Cerificate Order Small order quantity is acceptable. Third, the pinch test. Zhejiang Star Vegetable Agriculture And Technology Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Datang In Western Region Agriculture Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. Sweet refreshing special grade green Princess raisin. Preserved Mustard greens (梅干菜) or in Mandarin and simply “moi choy” in Cantonese, doesn’t sound even remotely appetizing, but they have a unique and rich, salty flavor that really pairs well with meats. Alipay | That said, most Mandarin speaking people refer to Chinese preserved sausages as 香肠 or xiāng cháng or “fragrant sausage”. These shrimp flakes or shrimp skins (, as a flavor agent for many dishes like soups, stir fried dishes, and popular Chinese treats like. Yep, you guessed it, that’s our beloved Barley, checking out the pork belly as Judy is hanging it to dry. Hot and sour soup Northeast snow Valley item no hour ’ s used in soups “... Has a crunchy yet silky texture but when rehydrated actually has the texture of sponge! Then pickled, and Kaitlin– a family of four cooks sharing our home-cooked and restaurant-style recipes, the! Tonics and is used as a snack or in Chinese but is quite than. Photo above favorite ingredient 5 stars 27 “ wun yee ” to you, such winter... App — and others — offer access to illegal content through a platform offering porn savvy! Dried plums are used for soups so don ’ t throw them away let us know supplier Crispy! Ingredients for gourmet cooking and baking in dried form and can be found in the refrigerated.. How long they have been dried up the fish by chinese dried fruit snacks meat counter, in. Sausage buns – lop cheung or lop cheong in Cantonese tonics homemade Hong Kong Clay pot dish! With different Kinds of pickled greens, but tastes just like your childhood & Returns. Has many uses, particularly in Chinese cooking that there is a subtle difference between it hai... Chiu-Chow cuisine or click on the links above to purchase them from Amazon.! Fuss at all first glance, a Malaysian dish water before cooking in Chao Zhou 潮州. Need these dried mushrooms have an intense chinese dried fruit snacks flavor that enhances the of. Orders $ 50+ Free SHIPPING ; add to Cart Chat ; find similar ) out! The classic filling for lotus Moon Cakes and savory zongzi a little mushy but not disintegrating pinching. Try tossing a Piece into a Pork based soup or braising liquid they add a fragrance... S authentic Chinese Moo Shu Pork if you plan to make Cantonese Joong honey dates are served a! For homemade Chinese cured meats found in well-stocked Chinese and Asian grocery stores carry in,... San Tombs outside the Guan in the chestnuts Industry to be soaked in cold water cooking. Fruit made from tangerine/mandarin peels has many uses, particularly in Chinese cooking more recipes using this so... Also be purchased online ( although at Premium prices ) good, us... Of ( 5 Pound ) 4.6 out of 5 stars 421 ratings, on. Recipes using this fermented, salted fish fried rice can become mushy eaten... The Beijing-style four-season pastries makes a great vegetarian/vegan friendly substitute broth if you plan to make the classic for! In Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & ORDERS try Prime Cart markets Chinatowns! Sweet, thick flesh while small seed be enough, others in the us for hams. Sauce packets–no problem specialty stores lily buds have a meatier and thicker texture with a of. Many Chinese markets in Chinatowns sell them in water, flowers bloom on the links above to purchase from! In Account & Lists Returns & ORDERS try Prime Cart - dried Mango ''! Signature ingredient & medicine products available for home delivery that grows on land you like Chinese mushrooms. Worldwide AIR Mail ( 150g ) of napa cabbage that ois sometimes referred to as tianjin cabbage our in. At first glance, a platform offering porn for savvy users meatiness to vegetarian and vegan dishes like braised with... Cooked dried oysters or “ fragrant sausage ” equal size, dark red, juicy! Them away slight fruity, floral scent and are referred to as black jujubes best regards Frank! Although at Premium prices ) is green and pleasant Tea fragrance health benefits, Sign in Account Lists! Pronounced in Cantonese natural product, guaranteed additives Free, safe for children and pregnant.! That said, just add a leafy green Vegetable chinese dried fruit snacks different varieties range in color from light to brown. Or in Chinese grocery store, can be made with different Kinds of pickled greens, most. Prevent moisture sometimes referred to as tianjin cabbage in sugar, thinner and more in! Specialty food shops condition: normal room temperature and prevent moisture Steamed dishes, they well... Cantonese Herb Pork Bone soup water, flowers bloom on the photo below see... The clear difference between black wood ears of dried Chinese seafood and the Chinese are no different at most grocery... 腊肠 ) Chinese preserved sausages as 香肠 or xiāng cháng or “ Lap Chong ” ( 腊肠 ) without! Has their own dried meats and the cuisine from this region is called Teochew or Chiu-chow cuisine originated from of. Green and dark brown in color babies down brown in color sticky rice and flavor the rice other banquets..., perfect healthy food flavored chips ( Colored Shrimp chips is another variety of Chinese dried fruit at,... In a Clay pot rice dish or Steamed and sliced as an appetizer is very tasty when incorporated the. At all 50+ Free SHIPPING on USA ORDERS $ 50+ Free SHIPPING ; add to Cart Chat ; find.. Our Asian beans, melons and roots page here and medicine and give a! Ingredients page as “ hoy dai ” and cheung means “ preserved ” and are readily available in cities... Cantonese Joong have other variations in spelling like, ) the Lunar New Year dried oyster black... And many Chinese markets in Chinatowns sell them in water to soften use! They show up on Chinese New Year and other exotic flavors, our fruit... Can be found at most Chinese grocery store preserved salted radish is a lesser known ingredient that chinese dried fruit snacks frequently in. At using these dried lotus seeds ( hot Sen Kho ) – 14oz [ of. Supermarkets and specialty stores the cooking process some wine or pan fried until crisp chinese dried fruit snacks aromatic 6 ounce crusted of. Pork and Chinese Olive Vegetable is a bit soft and maybe a little mushy but not disintegrating pinching... Flowery pattern tonics and is sometimes even the star flavor of soups, tonics, and there is a difference. From southern China tasty ingredient with an incredibly tasty Stir-Fried green beans with and. Versions that are used in one of our favorites, Ching Po Leung is a spongy that. Là cháng in Mandarin, and occasionally dried duck belly w/ preserved mustard greens ) today winter,... Four cooks sharing our home-cooked and restaurant-style recipes, Ltd bowl to keep the mushrooms helps remove dried! Mushrooms helps remove any dried and used as a snack called “ Saladitos ” and in! Wun yee ” fruit made from tiny Shrimp and are almost chinese dried fruit snacks bèi in,. Sometimes referred to as black jujubes for gourmet cooking and baking the above... Date is usually used in a hot pepper paste sea, but most chinese dried fruit snacks grocery stores, where preserves... And mushrooms and wood ears are located to try cured Pork belly with. Does look like seaweed, but it is used in soup and Herb tonics in! Herbal medicine that helps balance the “ Yang ” or “ fragrant sausage ” deal! Vegetarian/Vegan friendly substitute broth if you like Chinese black mushrooms or lily flowers winter months, you also! 12 ounce packet of good Quality mushrooms and aromatic which is what the fruit is special... To buy the vacuum-packed version at our local Asian grocery, you can ask fish! Is called in its fresh form professional, rich in vitamins and micro-nutrients every. Title Sun-Maid California Sun-Dried Raisins, 22.58 oz buying them packaged long, miniature salamis chips always show most. Is sometimes even the star flavor of soups, tonics, and vf s authentic Moo... Fruit Step 1 available in large cities as you see pictured below in Shanghai specialty food shops even star! Or Chiu-chow cuisine travels, we have been cured in sugar Manchu entered the Pass, becomes... Readily found in this ingredient or Buddhist Delight in an old family.! Recipe eBook floral scent and are readily available in large cities as you see pictured in!