2017 Term 1 – Back to school!

One must prepare and be ready.

10th January 2017 – orientation morning for new learners. Please check with your campus when your orientation day will start and end. All new learners and their parents should attend.

11th January 2017 – school starts for all learners.

Please make sure that you have downloaded and purchased all stationery and textbook items – go here to get the lists for your EduSkills class or click here for the Schools class lists. Should you wish to order uniform items, please click here to place your order.

The campus admin offices opens on 4th January 2017. Should you have any questions please call Lizette (Noordhoek) or Louise (Lynnwood).

All new parents: a reminder to please download and install (on your smartphone and/or your desktop) the D6 School Communicator. The D6 is our primary means of keeping EduExcellence parents updated.

Because of security reasons, we would like to restrict access to the D6 School Communicator to our school community. As such, we have included a verification step. Access to our Communicator will only be available to those using an email address which is listed on our parent database, and each user will be required to provide a password. (This is an automated process, EduExcellence staff do not have access to your password.)

Once you have installed the D6 Communicator, please follow the prompt to “Click here to be sent a password”. This will take you to a website where you must type in your email address. If your email address is on the school database, you will be emailed a password which you can then copy and paste into the Communicator. This will be a once-off password entry. Please have a look in your junk/spam folder if this is not in your inbox within 5 minutes. The database should be updated by the 6th January. If your email address is not on our database you will receive a message to say you need to contact the school to be added to the list as you are not yet an approved user. In this instance, please email the contact person listed so the school database can be updated and they can notify you as such.

Click on the link below to get started:

Lynnwood D6 Communicator
Noordhoek D6 Communicator

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