Education & Medication Part 2: Scheduled Medication

Part 2: The breakdown of the eight Medication Schedules

All medication is in South Africa is classified by the Medicines Control Council into one of eight Schedules. Schedule 1 being the lowest (unregulated, not considered dangerous) and Schedule 8 being the highest (highly regulated, extremely dangerous). The MCC defines medication in accordance with the Medicines and Related Substances Act of South Africa.

Medication typically prescribed to children diagnosed with ADHD fall into either Schedule 6 or Schedule 7. This does mean that these medications need to be highly regulated and very carefully managed. Unfortunately, these medications are often not provided with the pharmaceutical inserts which describe:

  • The ‘Black box Warning’
  • Side Effects
  • Indications
  • Contra-indications
  • Pharmacodymanics

Part 3 in this series will look at the four most common medications with respect to these descriptions.

The infographic below describes the Medication Schedules and the types of medications prescribed for AD/HD.

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