A Typical Day
What a day at school looks like for your child.

A typical day

Parents often wonder what a typical day look like for our EduExcellence Skills learners. The example below is of a typical day in our Senior Centre. Please Note – The actual times may vary between campuses, centres as well as different days of the week (including special days).

Time-slot Activity
06:45/07:00 School gates open
07:15/07:30 Breakfast
Lesson 1 School starts with either assembly or home class
Lesson 2 Mental Mathematics
Lesson 3 Use of Maths: Doing calculations, interpreting and presenting findings
Lesson 4 Apply number skills
9:15 Lunchboxes (10min)
9:25 Break (15 min)
Lesson 5 Vocabulary development (Spelling & sentence construction)
Lesson 6 Use of English: Commutative language practice
11:00 Lunch (40 min)
Lesson 7 Group brain development activities (TheraEd)
Lesson 8 Skills development: Short course per individual
13:00 Break (10 min)
Lesson 9 Skills development: To function in a technological society