Administrators & Support Staff

Administrators & Support Staff

Administration is the often over-looked engine that drives a school’s ability to perform at optimal efficiency. At EduExcellence we believe that all our staff, including the administrators and other support staff are integral to the success of our school.

Most of the EduExcellence campuses are structured with the following support stuff functions:

  1. Front Office Administrator. While the duties might be similar to a receptionist the Front Office Admin is responsible for the smooth function of the schools administration and to support existing parents and learners in their day to day needs.
  2. Admissions Officer. The Admissions Office is responsible for assisting new parents through our enrolment process. As a specialist school our process of enrolment can be slightly more complicated than other mainstream schools. In addition, the Admissions Office plays a vital role in marketing the school to the broader community and assisting staff to integrate as part of team.
  3. Kitchen Manager. Part of our TheraEd approach is to offer a balanced low GI breakfast and lunch to our learners and staff. All aspects of kitchen management and meal planning falls to our Kitchen Manager.
  4. Ground and Kitchen Staff. Maintaining the campus facilities and ensuring clean playgrounds and classrooms is the duty of our Ground Staff. The Kitchen Staff assist our Kitchen Manager in preparing meals and the right household duties.

To apply for vacancies in any of the above Administrative or Support staff roles, prospective applicants need to:

  1. Submit a CV with relevant qualifications and/or work experience.
  2. Submit a copy of their ID and, if relevant, work permit
  3. Consent to a thorough background check