Information for Counsellors

Information for Counsellors

EduExcellence tries to maintain a counsellor to learner ration of 1:45. 

The role of the counsellor at both EduExcellence Schools and EduSkills is vital to the successful implementation of the TheraEd philosophy of EduExcellence. A review of our EduExcellence Schools and EduSkills websites will show that we have a very deliberate focus on developing learners emotional, social, normative and physical aspects as well as the academic aspects.

Counsellors also play a role in helping staff cope and improve their relationships with learners, parents and each other.

 To be considered for a counselling post at an Eduexcellence schools, counsellors need to have the following:

  1. Valid and relevant counselling qualification
  2. Valid First-Aid certificate
  3. Up to date CV with a copy of your ID (Only SA citizens and persons with valid work permits will be considered.)
  4. Understanding that a background check will be completed including Police Clearance and Credit Checks.