Business Structure
The EduExcellence Group.


Each EduExcellence campus is managed by a Principal and functions semi-autonomously. Principals take responsibility for the day to day operations on their campus but function within the policies as determined by Eduexcellence Group. EduExcellence Group also function as a Head Office providing support services to each campus. These support services include:

  • Financial management – learner accounts
  • Financial management – supplier accounts
  • Uniform acquisition and distribution
  • HR functions

EduExcellence provides the following services to parents on each campus.


EduExcellence Schools is our mainstream educational offering. Focus on personal education of no more than 12 learners per class and making use of the Cambridge Curriculum.

This personal approach to education allows us to support mainstream learners that struggle to function within a typical mainstream school.

Please use the menus above to learn more about our EduExcellence Schools offering.

EduExcellence Skills

EduExcellence Skills is our ‘Special Needs Education’ offering focussing on learners with learning difficulties that do not allow them to attain mainstream academic outcomes. Our special needs focus is on learning difficulties and we do not have the facilities to support learners with most types of physical difficulties. As a school with an inclusivity policy we support both our Schools Service and our EduSkills Service on the same campus.

Go to EduExcellence Skills website to learn more about our EduSkills offering.



EduExcellence makes use of a unique scientific approach called neurodevelopment to assisting learners with learning difficulties. This approach is based on many years research in ‘brain development’ as well as sensory and learning functions.

Dr Beulah van der Westhuizen, the Eduexcellence founder, has adapted the science of neurodevelopment to focus on supporting learners in an approach we call TheraEd.

Read more about TheraEd here.