Anja Basson

Job Title
75 Boskop Street, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria

Bachelor of Education FET

SACE: 12359859

I first began working at private school for ADHD learners with small classrooms. I became fond of the learners and intrigued by the setup of individual care and focus given to learners who need it. In order to understand the field of education, I decided to move on to a main-stream school where classes consisted of 35 to 40 learners. I soon discovered that I felt the need for remediation, building relationships and investing in a learner in a way that main-stream schools are not able to do. This led me to EduExcellence to fulfill my dream.

I believe in a flexible curriculum to accommodate learners as each child face challenges at some point in their lives. I believe each student learns in their own way and style. I try to implement learning experiences that help each child grow at a rate that meets his or her needs. I believe all people are capable of learning if given the proper motivation, love, care, effort and time.