Crystal Smith

Job Title
75 Boskop Street, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria

Bachelor of Arts Psychology

Honours Degree- Psychology

Registration number: ASCHP 896

License number: SWC19/418

 I began my career search even before studying for my degrees as I knew I wanted to help people to the best of my ability.  This is effectively how the study of Psychology and a therapeutic approach to addressing everyday struggles and challenges eventually found me.

My journey over the years whilst practicing different types of psychological methodologies has given me a good understanding in therapeutic theory and practice.  However, this left me questioning what kind of therapy would best align with my personal values and how I might integrate this into a professional setting.

Whilst working in private practice under an excellent Psychologist focusing on Neuro-Development, I was exposed to the school I would one day call home…. “EduExcellence”.  Founded in a Child Centered; eco-systemic approach to therapy which focuses primarily on conscious gentle enhancement, I knew these were the values I continue to hold dear and further support my efforts to be able to assist every single child with whom I now interact.

EduExcellence prides itself with ongoing professional development and training in order to keep abreast of the latest trends in the field of psychotherapy.  Each day is a day filled with purpose and the celebration of each child’s accomplishments regardless of how large or small.