Marisha Spaumer

Job Title
75 Boskop Street, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria

B.Ed Early Childhood Development and Foundation Phase

SACE: 12247828

I studied teaching in 2010 at the University of Pretoria and graduated in 2013. I had an interest in Psychology and started studying Counselling Psychology. I received my honors in Counselling Psychology in 2017. 

I started working at EduExcellence in 2015 as the substitute skills junior teacher. I received a job in the UAE and travelled abroad, I was teaching a Grade 2 class. I then came back to South Africa and received the Grade 2 post at EduExcellence. In 2019, I started teaching English to Grade 4-7. 

I have a passion to work with children. Each day is challenging and different, although it is rewarding to work with these children. I really believe in our school's motto and enjoy teaching in small classes. In this way, children can be the best they want to be.