Michelle van Zyl

Job Title
75 Boskop Street, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria

Bachelor of Education Foundation Phase Teaching

SACE: 12466811

It wasn’t easy for me to commit to a career in education when I was at school as there was a stigma around it. It was believed that you only studied teaching if you were dumb or as a last resort. At that time, I cared too much about what my peers thought of me.

I decided to go study a Business Degree as I thought it was a more prestigious degree. I only enjoyed the subjects that involved people more. While Accounting was getting the best of me, I was drooling over a friend’s Educational posters, assignments and stories. I had fallen in love.

It took me a while to make the discussion, but I have never looked back. I signed up for my Teaching Degree the next year and walked out of Accounting with a sense of relieve.  At first, I decided not to care what anybody thought of my choice, but as my studies progressed, I became a bit more of a fighter for education. I had realized how important my work is for all our futures. I realized that I would be forming the minds of future doctors, engineers, scientists and most importantly…teachers.

Giving children their futures is a privilege I get to experience every day at EduExcellence.