Frequently Asked Questions
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General Questions

As our Centers do not follow a formal academic curriculum classes can be dual medium (English and Afrikaans) as is needed. Please check with your campus.

EduExcellence recognizes that the need to move a child to our centre is driven by a desire to meet a need and not academic calendars. As such our EduSkills Centres on  enroll learners throughout the term.

However, enrolment is subject to availability. Please contact the campus to enquire about space.

For the latest published Schedule of Fees for EduExcellence Skills Centres please go here.

As specialist in the field of educational neuro-development we understand that the brain needs to be supported chemically. We do, however prefer to do so naturally. From our side, parents will not be requested to obtain prescription medication to support learning. We will however, respect the prerogative of the parent who whishes to do so.We follow a natural approach and a process of inquiry. For us its much more important to understand the chemical makeup of our learners and try to support them naturally.

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