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Job Application Process

Please ensure that you follow the application steps exactly. Applicants that do not supply all details will NOT be considered.

STEP 1: Review the available posts below and feel free to filter to find the posts applicable to you.

STEP 2: Complete the test below (except if you are applying for Locum positions) as you will need to submit the results with your application:

  1. The results of your Enneagram test. Please follow this link for more on our test, how to take it and why we test.
  2. The results of your DISC test. Please follow this link for more on our test, how to take it and why we test.
  3. The results of your 16PF test. Please follow this link for more on our test, how to take it and why we test.
STEP 3: You will need to supply the following supporting documents with your application:
  1. Your CV in PDF format. Please keep CVs brief and see below for examples of good CV templates.
  2. A cover letter stating why you would want to work at EduExcellence. We are not a ‘normal’ school after all.
  3. A copy of your ID in PDF format.

STEP 4: Click on the Read More link to apply. Complete the form and upload the supporting documentation. Your application will be reviewed by the Campus Principal and/or the Directors.

STEP 5: If your initial application is successful will be contacted for an interview.

STEP 6: If your interview is successful you will receive an Appointment Letter

Available Job Opportunities

High School Teacher – Grade 5 to 12 – FAL Afrikaans (senior phase Maths)

We have an exciting job opportunity for the right candidate to join our wonderful team at a unique school in Noordhoek, Cape Town. EduExcellence is an ISASA registered, inclusive school. Reporting directly to the High School HOD and indirectly to the Principal who is the Academic, Therapeutic and Business leader of the campus. Eduexcellence School….

Primary School Teacher Assistant / Intern

EduExcellence School offers a child centered, inclusive learning environment. Our unique TheraEd philosophy calls for the creation of a home-like learning space where physical, spiritual, social-emotional development and academic activities are all integrated into the school day. For more information please review our website here: We are looking for a young, dynamic teaching student….

Primary School Locum Teacher

EduExcellence maintains  list of qualified teachers that would like to be considered when for Locum teaching positions should a permanent teacher be unavailable.

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