Our Journey
We have walked path - and proud of it.

Our Journey

Initial Concept

2006 The initial concept of EduExcellence began in 2006 when a group of parents encouraged our Founder and Executive Director Dr. Beulah van der Westhuizen to initiate a new learning facility in the East of Pretoria.


The result was the establishment of All Stars Learning Academy. We opened our doors in 2007 with 16 boys.


Beulah’s doctoral study focused on the application of an eco­systemic approach within an educational environment. Beulah specialised in the field of neuro-development, with special interest in children diagnosed with ADD &ADHD.


It was clear that learners who participated in this therapeutic approach displayed dramatic and definite improvement in their abilities.

New Premises & New Name

The Academy grew rapidly and in January 2008 the doors opened in 75 Boskop Street, Lynnwood Glen with 40 learners. With the move came a new name and Edu Excellence Private Remedial School was born.

EduAII Group

We grew to 60 learners and aquired 73 Boskop Street Lynnwood Glen. This year also saw the start of the EduAII (now EduSkills) group.


Our reputation speaks for itself as we see our learners intake rate escalate to 90 learners. Feedback from parents, teachers, therapist and learners is instant and immensely positive. Deirdre Steenekamp is appointed as Principal.

2nd Campus

Dr. van der Westhuizen moved to Cape Town with the intention to take a brief sabbatical. Her own need to provide a unique educational service saw the start of a 2nd Campus in the horse­loving green suburb of Noordhoek with only 2 learners.

150 Learners

With two campuses running and a nation network spreading, we reached the 150 learner mark in 2013.

New Partnership

In July 2014, Neal Bresler joined and a business partnership was formed. Neal, a former teacher and IT specialist, has a background in business start-ups, operation and business expansion.


Dr. van der Westhuizen coined the term TheraEd as our unique therapeutic & educational approach. In October 2014 this brand was officially launched at a gala evening on the Lynnwood Campus.

EduExcellence ver. 2.0

While the initial growth years of EduExcellence was very organic, in response to parental requests for our unique educational service, the realisation that future growth needs to be a more conscious & planned process.  2017 saw the roll out of a new and improved version of the old. Two main public brands were identified and the term “remedial” was dropped for “inclusive”.

EduExcellence Schools

Edu Excellence Schools, a mainstream school system with small classrooms (12 max.) running the Cambridge Curriculum will open its doors on both campuses. Learners between 4 and 19 years of age will be accommodated.

EduSkills Centres

EduSkills Centres are centres that accommodates learners between the ages of 4 and 21 years, who benefits from a non academic curriculum, focusing on vocational and life skills.