The Child
We put them first - they are our children!

The Child

When asked, parents almost always state that their greatest wish for their children is to be happy. “What does that mean?” we ask, and from this question we get a variety of answers. Some parents say that they would like their children to be able to care for themselves, to have a job, have a family. Some parents, have not allowed themselves to think that far. You see, some journeys are less clear, less precise, less defined.

EduSkills offers a safe and caring environment for children who does not naturally fit into the mainstream schooling system. We love meeting and working with children who struggle with reading, writing and arithmetic’s. Children with mild to moderate developmental delays are easily accommodated in our small classroom setup. Children on the Spectrum find that we offer a space where they feel welcome and where they fit in.

We understand that all children grow and learn differently – this is the the key factor in ensuring success for our EduSkills children. Each child gets assessed individually and a unique programme is designed taking their developmental age, personality, interests and aptitude into consideration. This  enables us to ensure a “best fit” placement for each child.

The individual attention in our EduSkills centres allows for our children to grow, develop and learn at their own pace and according to their own needs.