Our Unique Approach
Every interaction with a child is a chance to make a difference.


How can we create an environment where every interaction is a moment filled with the potential to grow and develop? This question stands at the core of TheraEd.

TheraEd, designed and coined by Dr. Beulah van der Westhuizen, is an approach whereby the educational and therapeutic environment merges to form a unified system. Within a TheraEd environment, education and therapy are equally important and this schooling approach focusses on allowing children to explore academically, and at the same time, grow emotionally and socially. Based on educational neuroscience, this approach incorporates an in-depth understanding of how the brain grows and develops, sensory-integration, the role of nutrition, movement and emotional and social human interaction.

We see every interaction with a child as an opportunity to make a difference and our teachers play an important role in this.  Through daily application of a well-designed TheraEd programme we allow our EduSkills children to grow and develop at their own pace.

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