Our Vision
Nurturing hearts, equipping hands, growing brains.

We Love Being

  • Christ focused with a Biblical world view.
  • Child-centred, helping each child to functional at their optimal performance.

We Love Providing

  • Small classes where each child can be truly seen and understood.
  • Individualised educational map, showing our plan for each learner’s journey.
  • A home-like environment where learners can feel spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially and academically safe.

We Love

  • Nurturing hearts.
  • Equipping hands.
  • Expanding minds and growing brains.

While specific agreements are entered into with learners, we are guided by our principles and core values. The EduExcellence principles of conduct for our learners and parents is based on and reflective of our Values and Principles, and is intended to:

  • Create an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance.
  • Assist learners in building strength of character and a meaningful value system
  • Encourage independent thought, to make informed decisions and to accept responsibility for and the consequences of these decisions.
  • Have a disciplinary approach that encourages self-discipline. The purpose of discipline is to change behaviour appropriately and positively.
  • •Generate a happy and supportive environment that promotes the desire to be an integral part of EduExcellence.
  • •Encourage Learners to develop pride in themselves and in their school.